Friday, July 22, 2011

A Few Firsts Around Here

Just a few random firsts around here.

First sucker

Second Sucker and she's a pro!
First time doing the Cow Appreciation Day for Chick-fil-A.
Camera was out of batteries or I would have taken better pictures.
First time we tried to make Strawberry to come later!
After watching Matilda make her own sandwich, Jesse ran into the kitchen to make his first PB & Jam sandwich by himself. Growing too fast.
 First Bad Boo-Boo, Goose Egg.. Here is the story in case you missed my post on FB: While in the bathroom, Jesse came in & informed that Abigale had a P.U. diaper. She came in sans-diaper with him following saying he had wiped her & how could he put the diaper on her. After I really got her cleaned up and put the diaper on her, she bent over & I pulled up on her diaper which seemed riding low. In that same movement, it sent her and her forehead into the tile, giving her first goose egg. Great, Mother of the Year. So then Jesse informs me her P.U. is on his carpet & I realize that SHE had taken her diaper off and he was just trying to help. Geesh. 

 That was our last couple of weeks.  You are caught up for now.  
How was yours..anything interesting happen in your world?
  Have a great weekend!

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