Thursday, August 18, 2011

She shouts, Style, where are you, Style? Giveaway Alert

"Where are you, Style?" 
Just like the great blog entry you are going to read over at Family Musings, I too often lose Style due to mommyhood, busyness, or plain laziness.
I look at my wardrobe and think..when did I become that dowdy mom I swore I never would be?  
Little losses to the enemy called casual comfort..literal baby steps and it's gone before you know it!
It doesn't help that when you are home all day, why would you put on the dress and the pearls?  I may love all things retro but I am not June Cleaver around here on any given Tuesday.  In fact, you better call before you stop by my house because I am probably not decent for company.  ;)  haha
I recently went to a NKOTBSB concert, and that is New Kids on the Block with Backstreet Boys. 
{I swear review is coming soon!}
I had to go shopping for a top and jewelry so I wouldn't feel like I was dressed to go grocery shopping.  I joked that it was "Ladies' Night" and I wanted to feel and look it!
2 weeks and 7 stores later, I finally had the look I wanted. 
Apparently, unless you want to spend $$$, they aren't making much for a fuller figured gals that doesn't resemble a tent or a knit least that was how it was for me over the course of my shopping week.
So here we are after the concert, tired but elated! 
 And I think looking like some pretty hot mamas, if I do say so myself.  ;)  
This is Ashley and we went to our first NKOTB concert together in 1990.  
21 years later, here we are again and having a blast!
So if you, too, are in need for a bit of spicing up, at least in the jewelry department like I was, take your shot at the awesome giveaway over at Family Musings!  
$100 for an amazing online site called
So between you and me, I hope one of us wins! 
Good Luck and thanks for reading!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm a No-Bake Cookie Snob

Yes, I am a No-Bake Cookie snob, at least according to my husband.  
He loves them and he jokes that they are just "too beneath me to make".  
Yes, I do aspire to try more difficult, elaborate cookies while I channel my Inner Martha.  But today I thought we would give him a treat.

I used the recipe for No-Bake Cookies from which is a GREAT recipe site, if you haven't already joined them!
Jesse and I made them together and that also made it fun.  I let him pour in the ingredients. I took care of stirring while boiling on the stove and then let him mix in the final ingredients on the counter.  He is old enough and done this enough to know not to touch a hot pan.  Then he used the cookie scoop and dropped them onto the wax paper.
The jury is still out if these would make to a Christmas Cookie party platter by me, but since my hubby loves them, it was time to indulge him..after all, I am embarrassed to say, this is the first time I have made them for him in the 7 years {almost in 2 weeks} we have been married.  
Actually, this may be the first time I have actually made them at all.   
I grew up baking but my mom tends to make the more difficult recipes, too. 
Like mother, like daughter. :)
 He should be home soon for the approving nod but I think they are pretty tasty...for No-Bakes. ;)

What is your favorite cookie recipe?

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Bun in the Oven

Though we out the picture on FB last week, I realized I had yet to put it on here.
The Official Release on The Dearie's Not-So-Dailies:
Abigale is...
Made with My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up.
New Baby {or Babies as Jesse insists now} due February 23, 2012.
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