Thursday, April 26, 2012

Letters not sent..

Am I the only one that creates Christmas cards, addresses them & all that, and never quite sends them out?  
I have some from last year, lots from this year, and not too long ago, I found a batch of Christmas cards not sent from 1998.   
I do not mean to be negligent in my greetings.  I have every intention of sending them out.  Can I tell you how many thank you notes I have found written and not sent.  So if you have not received the Thank You note for a gift for Jesse {mind you from 2007}, please do not judge me.  I wrote them, then lost them, then found again much too late to send, I assume.  Yet, I still continue to create them & write them and, yes, I am still working on the current babies & birthdays... 
This year I even handmade little photo books for various relatives.  You guessed it, only a couple were given out.  And, of course, now the photos of us are missing someone, so they are kind of out of date....ugh.
Maybe, one day, I will send a large envelope out to my friends that will include all the correspondence I *meant* to send.  So don't be surprised one day if you receive 3 or 4 Christmas cards, a few Thank you Notes, printed pictures from now & years back, and let's not forget those baby announcements I work so hard on designing, then print and never send. 
So until that package arrives, enjoy this *possible* announcement for our #3.  See it hasn't been perfected & printed quite yet...maybe this time they really will get sent.

I am just including this print I *might* get made of the beautiful shot that my friend & fantastic photographer took, K.Barber Photography
If you know who the quote is from, let me know, too.  I got it from a baby border on MyDigitalStudio.
Thanks for reading!
Photo by K.Barber Photography

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