Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Johnathan's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Choo Choo Express Birthday #DisneySide

How can this little guy be 2 years old already.

I was picked to host a "DisneySide Home Celebrations" party.  
Show Your Disney Side
What they didn't know is that pretty much every birthday is Disney themed in our little Dearieland! 
I was shipped an amazing piece of luggage, random supplies that had something to do with Disney running & ESPN sports [??], HP cards for printing, Hanes Tshirts to decorate, and Mickey Mouse plates, cups, & Party decorations.  
Since we were having it at a park and it was for a 2 year old, I opted to use only the latter items but passed the other items on to loving homes [except that sweet rolling luggage..that baby is mine!]. 
One of Johnathan's first clear words outside of family names was "Choo Choo". 4+ years ago, Jesse's first grouping of words was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Choo Choo Express.  
So it was a natural theme for the party this year.
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So all that being said, here is what we did for Johnathan's 2nd birthday.
Using the balloons they sent and the Mickey dangles, I did a ribbon balloon banner of sorts from one pole to another at the park.  Made us easy to find and was a large but inexpensive impact.  The balloons were strung on using the tiny little rubber bands for hair.

Train PB & J sandwiches {Could have been Mickey heads easily, too, but I wanted to bring out the Choo Choo Express side of this party.}

Veggies, pasta salad, mini subs, & potato chips we brought back from a factory in Ohio during a side trip into Amish country while we there for the funeral.

We covered all the tables we would use in plastic table covers from the dollar tree. When you are sharing a pavilion at a park, I think it is good to mark your space so your guests know where to sit.  Plus it's cleaner, right?!
We always bring additional tables for the food.  The "cake" table, featuring the actual Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Choo Choo Express train.  Both my boys are quite train crazy...  
I also made the 3 ingredient Peanut Butter cookies as alternative treat.  Both older ones are allergic to dairy & wheat, so no cupcakes for them, but they want some fun food, too!

These are Death By Oreo cupcakes with the mini Oreos turned to look like ears.  :)

Make a Wish!
The kids like to dress for the theme of their party and since this was trains, Jesse & Johnathan dressed like train conductors with Abigale in her Minnie wear.
 The next day we went to the Magic Kingdom to continue to celebrate Johnathan's birthday weekend.  Often the children dress up when visiting Walt Disney World so Johnathan & Jesse again wore their costumes.  Besides a pirate or prince, there isn't much for boys to pick from, Disney.. 
Besides, Jesse's career plans have him eventually working on the Magic Kingdom trains or at least that is what he has stuck with for the last 3 years!
 Abigale took the princess route.
{I think she was trying to give me a "Princess~like stare".  haha

Had to meet some princesses while we were here, of course!  
Love it!
 Hopefully Johnathan had a fun & memorable birthday weekend and everyone had a great time playing & celebrating their own #DisneySide!
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