Monday, August 10, 2009

Things I have observed & learned while being away from home for 4 out of 9 weeks this summer in no certain order:
  • Doing 2 trips of 2 weeks, 3 weeks apart, was a dumb move but done as an honest mistake..thought we were making the right decision for the right reasons.
  • It is quite difficult to plan a party 1800 miles away without fact, it didn't happen. Next year..note to self, ask for help!
  • Though the "going away party" planned for the first leg of this trip fizzled..I wouldn't trade anything for being able to see my guys in concert with those amazing seats!! It is always great to be "Young & Insane" every now and then!
  • You never know how much you take things for granted like consistent internet access, holding your hubby's hand, and your own bed ~ till you are gone for that long away from them.
  • I didn't realize I was as protective a mother until I got around so many random relative's children [diff ages, dispositions, upbringing, etc.] ...I also took for granted how well our friends' kids treated each other, & that I didn't worry there.
  • I really miss hanging and talking with Yabette [or as I knew her growing up, Beth Ann ;)]. Time just goes too fast but we pick up a conversation like it was yesterday.
  • It is sad to see some of the older relatives and how much they age each year. You never know who won't be here next year...
  • It was nice to have little responsibilities while there and I got to work on my own stampin' projects that have been neglected for too long. I took classes, went to crops, paper crafted until 1 am some nights, and leave here feeling creative and ready to get back to business!
  • It is hard to be in a house with 3 women for 4 weeks. No matter how much you love each other..
  • Everyone has their own story if you take some time to listen.
  • I love having a church home-away-from-home. Thanks Crossroads Community Church in Doylestown for making us feel welcome each year!
  • I miss my dogs, my computer, my house, my friends, my church, my stampin supplies, but most of all my dear sweet husband! Can't wait to get home and into his loving arms.
  • I will come back next year but for one week only probably..after that, you just wear out your welcome no matter how much they want you there! ;)
  • It was great to take off and explore the day with my son..need to make more time for that.
  • I am ready to go home!

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