Thursday, May 26, 2011

Broken Glass ~1000 gifts

I love to cook.  
[Grits Casserole John made that was SO good!]
I love to create casseroles because I know John will have a few lunches off of it, making the dinner stretch even further.
I love my 9 X 13 pan to make desserts in because they just look and present a bit prettier in a clear glass pan.
Last night, I roasted some eggplant and beets {for this crazy soup that turned out great}.  But I neglected to use anything to make the eggplant not stick so I was going to have my work cut out for me, especially after I scrapped them out and continued to roast the beets.  
SUPER baked on/stuck on bits.
So I put the glass pan up on another pot on the stove and thought I would tackle it later.
And then we heard the crash.  The lid/pan shifted on it's own and my beloved glass 9 X 13 went sliding to the floor, shattering in {literally} a thousand pieces. John watched it in slow motion, knowing he couldn't catch it in time.
I quickly put the kids in the bath tub so they would be happily occupied and went to survey the smattering.
Pieces were into the dining room, all over the kitchen, and even through the living room.  Apparently, I picked the perfect place for a crash so you could scatter slivers into 3 rooms at one time.
 As I stood there vacuuming and John sweeping, I had to think and laugh.  
"Well, at least I don't have to try and scrub that thing clean!"
So now my kitchen is extra clean {after the vacuum and 2 pass throughs with a swiffer} and the living room floors got a double vacuum today.  The bonus is I didn't even have to sweep, John did! 
~Lots of blessings in the midst of broken glass.~

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