Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things I Want for My 35th Birthday

Things I Want for My 35th Birthday~ in no particular order. 
{June 1st, in case you wanted to know!}

*I would like a hand stamped "MOM" necklace with my kids name on it like any of these.  I actually really want the metal stamping kit to make it myself because that is the kind of gal I am. ;)

*I want at least 20 sets of matching socks for Jesse.  Seriously.  Why do I have at least 10 singles in any given load of laundry that DO NOT match?  Ugh.

*Starbucks.  I miss them. My fave is the Caramel Macchiato. And Pumpkin & Peppermint drinks, when they are in season.
*Long Dangle Silver earrings.  And a long silver necklace.  Nothing expensive, I am a Target Girl really.  My favorite all time place for jewelry is Bijou Brigitte that I went to while we are mission trips in Germany.  They have a few stores in the US, amazingly Brandon being the closest!  An unlimited free pass there would have me set for life.  I would settle for one or two cool pieces, too.  ;)

*A retro table cloth

*Shelving we already have here and at old house to be painted white and set up with boxes ready for me to put all my stamping supplies in.

* a rack for my 12 X 12 paper.  Ever find one cheap, PLEASE let me know.  I did find a "how to" that might be alternate solution.  More investigation needed but looks hopeful.

*My kitchen and Jesse's room.. I would love for it be magically painted.  We even have the paint.  So far, Abigale's is the only room completely painted.  And I don't think she really notices.  ;)

*A good camera.  One that didn't take 3 seconds to take the shot since giggle moments never last as long as the camera needs. That may be a long term goal...but someday!  Until now, I think this one is pretty good.  The content is superb, even if the quality is lacking.
*Our pool fixed and yard spruced up a bit..and a breeze.  Those things may have to wait a few months.  But we have an amazing backyard that came with the house and I really want to enjoy it more.

*Lawn furniture for previously mentioned backyard.  And a water table for Jesse & Abigale.  I am currently saving up my swagbucks so I can afford one for them.  Anytime we go to someone's house that has one, they are both playing with it most of the time.  Clearly, it would be a good investment.
{I do not have swagbucks for this delux model, but Jesse would LOVE it!}
* Publix & Target gifts cards so my couponing would seem like it went even further!  ;)

* Unlimited shampoo, deodorant, razors, toilet paper, and other necessities.  Working on it with above couponing! ;)

*Bath & Body gift certificate and some coupons for them.  I love their hand soap along with the body washes & sprays and such.  That was a luxury I used to have that I didn't realize was a luxury at the time.

* to sell at least 1-2 items each week at my etsy shop to offset bills and groceries.  More would be super but that would be helpful.

*A few marque letters of different sizes of "D" or a random oversized letter collection that spells Dearie.  I like eclectic stuff like that.

*The original looking Candyland.  The new one is okay, but walking through the Toy Story Midway mania ride, they have a mural of the original on the wall and it brought back memories.  Even if it was too old to play with, I would to frame it.

* A Disney giftcard so we could eat where ever we wanted..just once.  For now, Birthday dessert in 'France' will be just lovely.

So there are my spoiled brat wants.  
But I already have what I really need.

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Jennifer said...

I believe I delivered on the breeze this morning... a day early too!

Happy Birthday Amy!