Sunday, May 29, 2011

Open Doors ~1000 Gifts

I haven't always had a house I could open the door.
Call it clutter or what you will, it seems a lot of my childhood/teenage years, I didn't have friends over that often and often met them outside for fear they would see behind me or try to come in...
Then I continued this terrible tradition with my own grown-up home.  Ugh.  
But, though my counters aren't cleared enough for the FlyLady, at this new house, my consistent goal is that my house is clean enough to open my door wide.
So when my dear friend, Jennifer, asked if could watch her 2 darlings for a few hours while she worked on her own home, I was more than happy to open my door!
 M & A, enjoying their graham crackers
C & J snacking while watching Peter Pan.

Jesse loves to have friends over and I am so glad he {and we} finally can!

Grateful for My Open Door.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Your gift of time and childcare was very special especially because I know how important it was for you to do things differently for your children.

What makes your home warm and inviting is your ready smile, not clear counters.