Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Encouragement, Perspective, and a little Giveaway

{The giveaway is done but the post is a good reminder to keep.}
Where do you go for encouragement?  My friends are where I turn.  And my mom.  And my husband.  I am blessed to be surrounded by a crowd of people who are gifted in this.  
If they are not, frankly, I would rather not surround myself with negative people...  
Life is too short and living life to it's fullest potential is too important. 
Encouragement is a powerful thing.  
I am so privileged to be a part of a MOPS group at my church.   During the school year, every Tuesday is filled with encouraging talks on applicable subjects along with practical Bible study by an amazing teacher.  It is a time for us to get together and encourage each other to be better moms, wives, and women of God.  I wouldn't be the same without the influence of these beautiful women! 
{Shameless plug, we start back August 30th, if you are local.  If not, please find a MOPS group in your area!  You will not regret it!  I have found some of my closest friends in that group.}
I had the opportunity to be a part of a review giveaway program through Dayspring and the incourage product line. They really do have some beautiful stuff.  
This is the fun whimsical item that I picked out.
Photo courtesy of Dayspring and incourage.
 It arrived packed extremely well.  A massive box, lots of balloon type packaging.  You can tell they are used to shipping fragile items at Dayspring.  
This guy isn't delicate, thank goodness, he is all medal.  It came with 3 magnets, as pictured.  The idea being you could put pictures or invites or whatever memos you might need to remember.
When I opened it up, there is a very large over-sized loop on the back to hang it from the wall.  
When I first saw it, I briefly thought it was an easel.  Obviously, it isn't but it left me wishing it would have had that option rather than just hanging on a wall.
Other than not meeting my unrealistic expectation-on-a-whim, it is a delightful product that will make a lovely addition to our master bathroom. 
I am secretly hoping for some love notes of encouragement. ;)

However, here is what happened to mine:
Can you see that?  That is a pen left on the counter, grabbed by a little boy, who found he needed to trace the circle magnets and leave me some doodles, as well.
Admittedly, I was saddened when I saw the pen marks all over the once-pristine shiny board.
But then I had to quickly step back and re-read the bottom line message of this product.
Count Your Blessings.
Count is as a gift that I have a mobile active 3 year old that thinks every doodle is precious and life is his canvas.  
Will I try to clean it off.  I might.  But perhaps I might leave it as a reminder that life moves pretty fast, I am so blessed and doodles don't last....
So I want to encourage you to look at those little messes as blessings or gifts every now and then.  Before you scold, remember that it won't last and tomorrow they will be gone.   Faster than we can even imagine.
And I bet I will miss those little surprises of art he leaves behind.
Now for the Giveaway!

For one lucky reader,  you will win a $20 credit to purchase whatever you like in the incourage product line!
To enter, all you need to do is #1. follow me and #2 leave a comment below telling me that you have done this.
And if you want to tell me what encourages you, that would just be a nice little bonus for me!
Super easy!
Contest ends July 5th @ 9 pm.
Good luck!
To adhere to the FTC requirements, I wan to tell you that DaySpring gave me the free product to review and all opinions stated are my own.


amy (mamascout) said...

fun giveaway! i follow you! and i have had many things drawn on or "altered" in some way...you do look back on those things fondly.

i am inspired by the kindness of people that i meet in real life and online everyday. i think people are good - and it seems like i am always meeting someone interesting and just nice.

Stacey said...

following you via GFC - thanks again.

Anonymous said...

This is super cute! I wish I checked on your blog more often because I totally wanted to win!!! Now, I might want to try to make my own, since I didn't win...