Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jesse's 3rd Birthday and our first character lunch

We love Disney but opted to wait until Jesse was old enough to really care and be excited.  Even in this video, I think he was still trying to absorb it all.  It was definitely sensory overload once the characters and singers came out.
Menu according to wdw info:Selection of Salads: Orange & watercress salad, Caesar salad, Tomato & Buffalo Mozzarella salad with Basil oil, Mixed seasonal greens, and tuna salad. Selection of Appetizers: Carved ham, turkey and salami, assorted cheeses, and fresh seasonal fruit. Entree Selections: Seafood pasta alfredo, Baked chicken thighs with Pinot Noir and blackberry, Chicken Satay and peanut sauce, and Grilled polenta with sun dried tomatoes. Selection of accompaniments: Garlic mashed potatoes, Bean cassoulet, Sauteed green beans, Creamed corn spoon bread, and Rice & whole grain medley. Handcrafted desserts and pasties from the bakery: apple cobbler, berry cobbler, Snicker cheesecake, Carrot cake, Mascarpone, and Chocolate Mousse cake.
We made our reservations at 11:00 am, right when it opened for lunch.  That gave us a bit of time to get acclimated and eat a bit.  When the characters and singers start, you pretty much lose the littles.
The food was great quality and more gourmet than I expected for a buffet.  They kept everything filled quickly and we definitely didn't leave wanting for anything.  They even gave us a drink to go.  ;)
FYI: They charge for 3 & up.  And we never spend this much for a meal but it was special and well worth it for his 3rd Birthday!  I wouldn't go too often, though, the sparkle would lose it's shine.
November 8, 2007 3 years old.
Handy Manny & Leo from Little Einsteins with Jesse & Abigale

Jesse & June, from Little Einsteins

June & Abigale.  She wasn't scared but curious.

 Me, Special Agent Oso, and Jesse.  It was Oso's first week as a character at this breakfast!
 Dance Time!
 Video collage from the Dance Time!
 Birthday Cupcake that also came with a birthday card that all the characters signed. :)
 Pure Fun!
 Daddy, Jesse, Mommy, & Abigale after our lovely character lunch.
We were in Hollywood Studios after all so we went and said Hello to Mickey again.  He is an unmentioned character greeting in The Art of Disney.  Quickest way to meet him within all 4 parks!

 Our Family November 8, 2010
He must have grown a ton since then because he looks very small here to me.  He got to be the Honorary Train Conductor and got to shout into the microphone "ALL Aboard".  Huge highlight.  The video is basically dark so I didn't post it. :(
Thanks for reading, looking, & watching.  Have you went and what did you think?
And when are Jake and the Neverland Pirates coming for character greetings or this lunch!?

{And I realize this post is a little late but I just discovered an application on my computer where I can merge videos.  I can also edit them, as in flip them right side up when I film them the wrong way in error.  IMovie.  Today I am loving my MAC. :) }

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