Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Gift of Coffee Brewed for You with Love

I had a lovely night with friends last night!  Jennifer had a bunch of us over to play bunco and enjoy {Birthday} Chocolate Fondue.  Just lovely and with some of the funnest {is that a word?} gals a girl could know!  {Be sure to check out Jennifer's new digs at family musings... very pretty!}
But I got home at midnight and, well, I am now old, apparently.
My darling husband pre-set the coffee pot and I awoke to a kiss from Jesse and the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed Chocolate Truffle Coffee from Folgers. 
Paired with the Dark Chocolate Breve` Cream DIVINE!
 Seriously, please try this combo.  
So much more than "just" coffee..together they elevate each other to something so much more rich and enjoyable.  
Separately, good.  Together, over-the-top fantastic!
That can describe married life sometimes, too..  ;)

{No one gave me anything for this "review".  I just found the combo inspiring and I thought I would share.  I would love free coffee and/or creamer, though so feel free to contact me for something like that!  ;) }

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Jennifer said...

That does sound like a great coffee & creamer combo! Next week you bring them with you!