Thursday, March 10, 2011

Are You Taking Videos Like You Should Be?

Today it has been 6 months since we lost Grandma.  It is hard to believe how fast time flies because it definitely doesn't seems like that much time has passed.  The mind definitely plays tricks on you when it comes to loss.

The thing I am grateful is for the pictures and videos I had taken of her.  Now I wish I had taken so much more.  I wish I had a day-in-the-life of her.  But I am grateful for the times I captured moments between her and Jesse.  I wish I had taken more of her and Abigale..I just thought there would be more time..  

My family did not have a video camera.  I so wish I had footage of my mom as a young person with her family, Grandma & her when they were much younger, mom and grandma interacting with me, me as a child with cousins & friends, etc..  For those of you lucky enough to have film from the past, cherish it.  Those moments in time you have are not replaceable.

Sadly, there is no remote to rewind life for another look.

Jesse & Gigi, his first week home.

Jesse & Gigi at her 85th birthday June 12, 2010

My question to you [and myself] is are you taking enough videos?  They needn't be very long but 30-120 seconds that forever capture that moment in time.  
Easy, no pressure for an oscar-worthy shoot, let it just happen as it does.

Some of the the simple things that would be treasured later that I can think of right now:
  • the kids coloring or crafting together
  • mom or grandma cooking a meal
  • a day at the park
  • the littles eating or playing together
  • playing outside with pets
  • singing their favorite little songs like ABC's or Bible songs..their little voices change so fast
  • how they pronounce this or will change 'next week', believe me, so capture it right then
  • them in their room playing with their toys
  • of course, birthday parties & Christmas..remember to not only get the typical unwrapping gifts and blowing out the candle but slowly turn around the room.. observe everyone else there, too.
  • what are some things you can think of to make this list more complete?
I am so glad to have the videos I do have..
..just to be able to hear her voice, her laugh, to see her smile more time.  

I implore you...Please take videos [and pictures, of course] of your loved ones, whatever their age.  
Get in the videos, too, for your kids and grandkids sake!
{The last picture of Gigi & Abigale}

You just never know when the last time ... is the last time.

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