Friday, March 18, 2011

Foodie Friday: Roasted Squash & Cauliflower

I grew up not liking squash.  Frankly, I think it was told to me that I didn't like it.  My sweet aunt had this amazing garden and squash was plentiful but no one in my house, at least, would help her eat it.  
Perhaps, if she had roasted it, I wouldn't have missed out on 30 years of squash. 
So even if you would consider yourself a hater, give this a try.  
It's super cheap in the store so it's worth a taste test!
I long to be baked not just steamed or in a casserole..

So here is pic of the standard Summer Squash that can be under $2 for 4 of these down here.
I cut off the 2 ends [and I used to give those to my dogs who either ate them or played with them..].
Then I cut the larger part into maybe 1/2 inch in width coins.  Maybe a little thinner.  The neck I cut long ways.  I then toss them with extra virgin olive oil, course salt & fresh cracked pepper.  I usually scatter some slices of onions and a few crushed cloves of garlic over them, too, for added yumminess.  A few turns of my herb grinder adds to the level of loveliness if you have something similar. 
I often just do the squash, but for today, I also added cauliflower.  
Wait.  Cauliflower?  
That is only to be consumed raw, steamed or slathered in a strange orange cheese-like sauce, right?
I want to try the oven, too!

Well, my good friends at Front Porch Produce mentioned they liked it roasted and since I believe they have impeccable taste buds, I thought I would give it a try!
This is before..and I wish I had taken an in-the-pan picture but I was so anxious to get them out, I had put it in a serving bowl before I realized.

I have seen the cauliflower look much darker [in fact, it was a recent episode of Martha Stewart and she added the cauliflower to a salad].  And I have let the squash go further to where they are almost crispy.
But the roasting the squash gives it that caramelized sweetness with the saltiness..just pure scrumptiousness! 
It was a lovely side with roasted pork loin but I think you could eat these veggies as a meal because they are so delectable.
John & I are now both reformed Squash Lovers.  Come one...Give it a try!
Enjoy and Happy Cooking!

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Jennifer said...

I have eaten these, along with roasted potatoes as a complete meal. And I cut my cauliflower up smaller so it cooks faster.

All of these roasted veggies are especially yummy dipped in a sweet chili sauce! Like grown up ketchup. :)