Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dubliner Cheese

Meant to get this up for St. Patrick's Day but there is always a good time to celebrate cheese!
From the KerryGold website:
 "Quite daringly different, Dubliner is a specialty cheese with a distinctive mature rounded flavour and a natural hint of sweetness"
I would say the texture defintely has the flakiness & saltiness of Parmesan, too.  In fact they suggest using it in place of parm.  But there is a butteriness to this cheese as well.  When you taste it, you just know the work that went into making it "just right".
It is not a cheese I could eat a lot at one time because it is so robust but a cheese I would reserve for small tastings.  I bet it would be great with a lovely pear or a bunch of grapes.  
Mom & I enjoyed it with some sublime olives and such we bought at an olive bar, crackers and few other cheeses.  We filled up on these appetizers and didn't make it to lunch.
This large block was purchased at Sam's and would be perfect to set out for a dinner party.
What is your favorite cheese? 

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