Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I got my box!

It has arrived!

I was chosen to be a host for the PHILLY Dinnertime Dilemma House Party!  I am so excited because I have tried out for many parties.
I got my box of supplies for the party today!
Can't wait to decide what I am going to do to create the party favor bag for those that attend!

So excited about this skillet from Green Pan!  This is the gift to the hostess for having the party.
A metal handle means I can sear on top and put directly into the oven to finish!  Yes!

Now I am on the hunt for a Buy One Get One Sale so I can make more dishes to sample at the party.  They give you 4 coupons but I also sent out many invites and invited the whole family.

Look for more updates as the party nears!  Wahoo!
For more information on House Party visit http://houseparty.com to register.


Jennifer said...

I am excited for you too! Can't wait to see what yummy dishes you cook up for us!

Jennifer said...

Oh, and my Nutella box arrived yesterday as well. But I'm too far behind on my blogging to post about it yet!