Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 22 - A picture of something you wish you were better at

 Did you know I am on a journey?  A journey to let go...of STUFF.  It has consumed me for far too long.  I suspect, if you are crafter of any type or have a hobby, you probably have at least a little bit of an issue of STUFF, too.  I am not alone, right?
But I am determined to declutter and organize this new house.  To not continue old habits but break them.  To not continue the downward spiral of CHAOS in this new location.  Of course, I actually do need some of the stuff I have aquired and kept because of my business, which makes it difficult.  Notice I said some not all..  
However, my hope is at this new home, there will be a place for everything and everything in it's place.  That's the goal.  
I did a study on "idols in our life" last semester.  I figured I would discover I had made an idol of my husband or my kids.  However, it introduced the idea of a Pharoah, something that controlled you, not that you necessarily worshiped, but nevertheless, kept you from serving God to your full potential.  I discovered my pharoah is all this stuff.  
It's consuming. It's depressing.  It's overwhelming.  And I still don't know where to start when I go over to that old house to move things.  
Frankly, I like my new house clutter free as it currently is...but I do need to move and close that part of our past. That old house has currently become an oversized storage unit that you visit, grab a bag full of clothes or dishes, and shut the door.  However, that "storage unit" has a costly mortage to go with it so move it all, I must.
If it wasn't so ridiculously embarrassing,  I would seriously call Clean House or Hoarders...though, hopefully, I wouldn't yet qualify for the latter. It would make it much easier if someone else just took care of it.  Someone that didn't look at each item, think "what could I do with this" or "So & so got that for me..what would they think if I sold it?" or "I know someday I will want this".  
I am a classic emotional "keeper", which is a much nicer word.  Things have value far more than they deserve.  I am learning to recognize this and rebuke it more and more.
But as I continue on this journey, I am keeping accountability on myself.. as philosopher George Santayana wisely stated, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it".  

That is my greatest fear.

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Jennifer said...

My offer to help you clean it out still stands! You can even come to my house to watch my kids while I go to your house to box it up and figure out where it all needs to go.