Wednesday, February 09, 2011

New Hair!

So if you haven't already seen me so excited on Facebook about my hair,  I will also blab about it here. 
But frankly, as a SAHM, sometimes your "look" can get neglected if you are not careful.  Even when you think you are doing okay...well, I needed a little refreshment, shall we say.

The before, taken Feb.3rd at our home away from home.

At least I had cute accompaniments? ;)

And a side shot to see the length [as we were dancing in the afternoon parade at Magic Kingdom.]

And presenting the AFTER!!

The required pursed-lip-look when you have a HOT hairdo like this!  :)
..Not too bad for having no make up on I guess.

Thanks, Karissa J, for making me feel sassy once again!  ...And just in time for Valentine's Day!

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